100 Calorie Tortillas

Tortillas calorie Counter

Food & Package Size Providing Prot Carb Fat Pts Cals
Meijer Flour Tortillas (Burrito Size) 20 oz 35 210
Menu Category: La Mas Rica
Los angeles Mas Rica Flour Tortillas18 oz 3.6 25 126
Menu Category: Mission
Mission whole wheat flour Fajita Size Tortillas (Carb Balance) 10 oz 12 80
Menu Category: Charras
Charras Tostada (Jalapeno) 397 g 189
Menu Category: Los Angeles Bandarita
La Bandarita Corn Tortillas780 g 27 130
Menu Category: Ortega
Ortega Yellow Corn Taco Shells9 oz 16 120
Menu Category:
H-E-B Corn Tortillas (yellowish Tortillas) 9 oz 1.7 oz 23 110
Menu Category: Tia Rosa
Tia Rosa Corn Tortillas (yellowish Corn) 30 oz 28 1.5
Menu Category: Guerrero
Guerrero Corn Tortillas (White Corn) 33 oz 22
Mission Flour Tortillas (smooth Taco Size) 18 oz 3.5 150
Menu Category: La Tortilla Factory
La Tortilla Factory whole wheat grain Low Carb/Low Fat Tortillas (Original taste) 13 oz 11 50
Menu Category: Old El Paso
Old El Paso White Corn Taco Shells5 oz 20
Menu Category: Los Angeles Banderita
La Banderita Large Flour Tortillas25 oz 33 173
Menu Category: Taco Bell
Taco Bell Fajita Dinner (Residence Originals) 16 oz 38

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