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While bacon and sausage are both a source of protein (an extremely important component of every healthier morning meal), these two meals commonly are not considered healthier. However, certain types of bacon and break fast sausage tend to be healthier than the others.

Calorie Content

Both regular bacon and sausage are fairly full of calories, which are often damaging if you should be trying to preserve or achieve a healthier body weight. a piece of pan-fried cured bacon contains 54 calories, and one pan-fried sausage website link contains 75 calories, based on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Nutrient Database.

However, selecting turkey substitutes or vegetarian choices rather helps cut calories at break fast. a slice of microwaved turkey bacon contains just 30 calories, plus one turkey sausage link contains 66 calories. Meatless bacon provides just 16 calories per strip, and meatless sausage includes 64 calories per link, notes the U.S. division of Agriculture.

Saturated Fat and Sodium

Both regular bacon and break fast sausage tend to be types of concentrated fat and cholesterol - consequently they are high in salt. Consequently, these two morning meal meals increases your danger for high blood cholesterol, raised blood pressure, and heart disease whenever eaten in excess. While turkey bacon and turkey sausage are often lower in concentrated fat, these prepared meat continue to be saturated in sodium. Seek out reduced-sodium varieties of bacon and morning meal sausage. In the event that you choose meatless bacon or meatless break fast sausage, you will reduce calories, expel dietary cholesterol, and start to become getting very little concentrated fat.

Nitrate Issues

Bacon and sausages can be cured, indicating they contain nitrates or nitrites as additives. The American Cancer Society reports that these two compounds may increase threat for cancer, and therefore higher intakes of prepared meats tend to be of higher prices of colon cancer. Therefore, uncured bacon or sausages might healthier organic options, although such meals may be more challenging discover at your neighborhood grocery store.

Main Point Here

Because they are high in calories, saturated fat, cholesterol levels, sodium and nitrates, regular bacon and morning meal sausages commonly are not the best morning meal alternative. Choosing uncured, reduced-sodium bacon or sausage - or meatless items - is significantly much healthier, but these foods frequently taste unique of regular bacon and sausage. Heart-healthy, protein-rich alternatives consist of egg whites, black beans, tofu, low-fat cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, protein-rich smoothies, peanuts and seeds.

A skilled health, nourishment and physical fitness journalist, Erin Coleman is an authorized and certified dietitian and keeps a dietetics degree through the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She comes with worked as a clinical nutritionist and health educator in outpatient options. Erin's tasks are posted on preferred wellness internet sites, such as and

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