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At Taco Bell, once we say “we’re feeding peoples’ lives with más, ” we mean it.

We make bold food you can’t get any place else. It’s food that ignites passion. It’s food you need to talk about. It’s food that you’ve reached have and can’t wait to eat once more. Plus it always delivers much more for the cash. For more than 10 years, we’ve been specifically hectic doing just that.

These days, we continue to offer the boldest and freshest flavors – meals that is customizable and meets your lifestyle, with a commitment to never compromise on flavor. Whether you’re searching for vegetarian, made without gluten, high-protein, reduced calorie/lower fat, within the state of mind for one thing indulgent, or the above, Taco Bell has meals for many.

We’re additionally making it simpler for you really to find out what’s within our food. We had been one of the primary quick service restaurants to post full nutrition information online, and today we’re rendering it even easier to realize what’s inside our food. Our nutrition calculator lets you personalize and calculate your favorite purchase, to help you make an educated decision.

For all of us, it’s insufficient that we’re providing inexpensive, craveable, innovative alternatives. It has to be meals you are feeling good about, with components you understand. Over the years, we’ve been making significant improvements to your top-notch our meals – like lowering sodium across our selection by 15 % since 2008. Now, we’re pushing ourselves to cultivate that number by yet another 10 percent, for a 25 per cent reduction across our menu. We’ve in addition simplified our meals by removing synthetic tastes and colors, and replacing them with natural alternatives, including the removal of added trans fat, large fructose corn syrup and unsustainable palm oil from our meals. We’re a brandname which also has actually a finger regarding the pulse with issues you value. That’s the reason why we’re growing our cage-free eggs commitment to not just source 100percent cage-free eggs for our morning meal selection, but to also source 100% cage-free egg ingredients for the core menu by January 2018. it is also the reason why we’re invested in offering chicken lifted without antibiotics vital that you person medication within U.S. restaurants by early 2017. The good thing is we’re performing all this without reducing from the taste you love and worth you expect from united states.

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