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Calories count Taco Bell

Low-Cal-1We see you day one dieters.

Life is focused on choices. One-day you may be craving a Smothered Burrito, but the following day you could be trying to find some thing lower in calories. That’s why over the past couple of years we’ve been dedicated to creating a menu with balanced options.

Did you know nearly ¾ of your selection items are lower than 500 calories? Of course you’re looking to cut much more calories, we suggest some thing we love to phone “Fresco style”. Just about any menu item are individualized “Fresco style”, which replaces mayo-based sauces, cheeses, reduced-fat bad lotion and guacamole on nearly every selection product with freshly-prepared pico de gallo.Low-Cal-2 by eliminating these components and ordering your selection item “Fresco style”, you are able to decrease fat by as much as 25percent. Mind = blown.

Anytime you’re trying to eat reduced calories at Taco Bell, listed below are seven of our favorite “Fresco style” selection things all under 350 calories and 10 grms of fat:

1. Soft Taco with Shredded Chicken "Fresco Style"
140 Calories

Low-Cal-32. Burrito Supreme with Chicken "Fresco Style"340 Calories

3. Crunchy Taco with Experienced Beef "Fresco Style"
140 Calories

4. Burrito Supreme with Steak "Fresco Design"
340 Calories

5. Soft Taco with Steak "Fresco Design"
140 Calories

Low-Cal-46. Bean Burrito "Fresco Design"
350 Calories

7. Smooth Taco with Beef "Fresco Design"
160 Calories

If you’d want to purchase a selection item “Fresco style”, only ask for it “Fresco style” at one of our restaurants, or order it on line at or on our mobile app. When purchasing online or through the mobile app, simply choose your selection product after which pick “Make It Fresco”.

Now if you’re not a fan of pico de gallo and don’t head performing somewhat research, after that discover Taco Bell’s Nutrition Calculator. The Nutrition Calculator provides you with nutrition details in seconds and it is very easy to use. What you need to do is choose your meal adding or pull ingredients to generally meet your lifestyle needs. The calculator changes instantly making it easier for you to learn how numerous calories are in your customized meal.

Low-Cal-5 Low-Cal-6 Low-Cal-7 make-it-fresco

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