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Even though a lot of us know that, actually, muffins are just cupcakes for adults, for all they've been nevertheless the go-to to-go break fast. Faced with the option between a meaty-eggy take out sandwich and a muffin, it's pretty safe to believe your healthy eater will select the muffin. But is it certainly the healthier option? Taking a look at the health content of muffins from the country’s top coffeehouse chains, I became surprised (surprised!) to see a number of the figures behind many an earnest-seeming muffin.

Although muffins don’t carry exactly the same load of concentrated fat and outrageous levels of sodium that other fast-food breakfasts do, they make up for this in calories and sugar. Would you genuinely believe that one of several muffins I found has just 40 calories under that of Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger–which is not only a burger, but a burger with a fried egg, bacon, United states cheese and hash brown nuggets!

The whole world wellness business advises restricting salt consumption to under 2000 mg per day for normal person–most of these muffins have about 25 percent of the. Meanwhile, the American Heart Association advises the normal woman should eat a maximum of 25 grams of extra sugar per day–all but one of these simple muffins exceed that, some by over 100 %. And also as for calories, well…the calories. The most harmless among these muffins has actually nearly the exact same number of calories as an Egg McMuffin with a side of hash browns.

Though in most equity into muffin, having less animal meat and saturated fat does cause them to become shine when compared with, say, the breakfast burger–just be cognizant that by deciding on one of these simple (or similar) muffins each morning, you should skip dessert after dinner since you’ve already had it for breakfast.

12. Tim Hortons: Whole Grain Raspberry Muffin
This Canadian chain that merged with Wendy’s to grow their US market is the manufacturer of a number of the much more innocent muffins on the block, but beware the “Better for You” choices. Although the Chocolate Chip Muffin categorized as “Decadent” seems correctly classified, the “Better for you personally” wholemeal Raspberry Muffin is only 30 calories less and has even more calories from fat, more complete fat, as well as the exact same quantity of salt as the chocolate processor chip sis.

Calories: 400
Calorie consumption: 160
Complete Fat (g): 17
Sodium (mg): 580
Sugar (g): 26

11. Peet’s: Zero Fat Pumpkin Ginger Muffin
I'm always amused (in a “seriously?” kind of way) by healthy food choices marketing spin. Therefore, for-instance, this Pumpkin Ginger Muffin has actually “reduced fat, ” but reduced from what? It still has 14 grams of total fat–and it's still 460 calories.

Calories: 460
Calories from Fat: 130
Complete Fat (g): 14
Sodium (mg): 530
Glucose (g): 37

10. Peet’s: Dual Chocolate Muffin (Vegan)
I entirely applaud Peet’s for offering a vegan alternative, and a vegan chocolate choice to boot! But don’t allow the “vegan” within the name cause you to believe that it's somehow not full of calories, fat, and sugar. However, the vegan part is truly great. Yay Peet’s.

Calories: 460
Calories from Fat: 210
Total Fat (g): 17
Sodium (mg): 135
Glucose (g): 37

9. Starbucks: Zucchini Walnut Muffin
Oh this is good–a zucchini muffin! I would personally fall for that one in a heartbeat. The things I do like relating to this muffins is every ingredient is identifiable and pronounceable, the thing I don’t like is the calories, complete fat in addition to high-level of salt. Because they place zucchini in it does not indicate it's perfect.

Calories: 490
Calories from Fat: 260
Total Fat (g): 28
Sodium (mg): 480
Sugar (g): 28

8. Caribou Coffee: French Toast Muffin
As soon as the list starts wandering into “French Toast Muffin” area, you understand we’re getting someplace. I mean, demonstrably if you should be ordering a French Toast Muffin you’re perhaps not anticipating a spa morning meal, but they are you expecting 50 grams of sugar–double the daily suggestion? Hello “sugar topping and a generous percentage of maple icing.”

Calories: 490
Energy: 170
Complete Fat (g): 19
Sodium (mg): 280
Sugar (g): 50

7. Dunkin’ Donuts: Honey Bran Raisin
What’s the low-calorie option at a donut shop? Naturally it should be the honey bran raisin muffin, but needless to say, it's perhaps not. Although this muffin has a healthy does of iron (RDA: 25 %), you can eat two Bavarian Kreme Doughnuts for the same level of calories. Not Too you'll need, but still…

Calories: 500
Calorie consumption: 130
Complete Fat (g): 14
Sodium (mg): 450
Glucose (g): 48

6. Peet’s: Bran Cranberry Apple Muffin
Bran, cranberry, apple–sounds great to date. But, then there’s the calories, oh my, and the sodium! Much salt; a lot more than a 3rd associated with the suggested everyday restriction. I believe they should rename it the Bran Cranberry Apple Salt Muffin.

Calories: 550
Energy: 250
Total Fat (g): 28
Sodium (mg): 740
Sugars (g): 22

5. Au Bon Pain: Carrot Walnut Muffin
Once again because of the healthy ingredients…and the calories and salt! We can’t conceive of how they can make this muffin therefore caloric therefore high in sodium. This muffin has actually 100 calories not as much as the chain’s Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie, and virtually just as much salt as a Burger King Whopper.

Calories: 560

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