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Belgian waffle calorie count

LiveStrong Calorie TrackerBelgian waffles are often thicker while having bigger and much deeper square indentations than regular waffles. These waffles are sometimes in addition made making use of yeast in the place of cooking powder for leavening. Consuming a number of Belgian waffles can cause one to look at your daily fat spending plan if you should ben't cautious, particularly if you peak all of them with many butter, syrup and whipped cream.

A restaurant portion of Belgian waffles topped with whipped ointment and syrup may have as many as 530 calories. One huge Belgian waffle made utilizing a baking-powder batter and regular all-purpose flour has actually about 304 calories before you also include any toppings. Top a large waffle created using a yeast-based batter containing unsweetened soy milk and a powdered egg replacement as opposed to milk and eggs with 1/2 cup berries, and you will be eating about 336 calories. If you are willing to digest a few more calories, you may make a healthy but indulgent whole-grain form of Belgian waffles topped with Greek yogurt, sliced almonds, strawberries and maple syrup for 364 calories.

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