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Determining Horses' bodyweight and Ideal stateTo figure out your horse’s nutrient requirements—particularly regarding energy intake—you need to first determine its bodyweight and the body condition.


To determine your horse’s nutrient requirements—particularly regarding energy intake—you need to first determine its bodyweight and body problem. Body weight is calculated in kilograms or weight. System condition identifies exactly how much or exactly how little fat coverage an animal has, and it will be calculated through both subjective visual examination to acquire a “score, ” or through more unbiased and quantitative human body measurements.

At A Glance

  • A scale most readily useful determines weight, but computations and weigh tapes could be helpful.
  • Body condition scores and cresty throat results give a subjective indication regarding the quantity of condition (fat coverage) on a horse.
  • Quantitative actions of adiposity include girth-to-height ratios therefore the total portion of fat (based on a rump fat thickness ultrasound). Many ponies need to have a body condition score between 4 and 6.

Deciding Bodyweight

The most precise way to determine a horse’s fat is by weighing the horse. Scales clearly supply the most precise reading and will detect small changes in weight (though it must be noticed that evaluating a horse every day will most likely expose fluctuations because fecal reduction without real weight). Although most horse proprietors would not have usage of machines, they are fairly typical at equine veterinary centers and research facilities. Additionally, numerous feed companies very own portable machines and may bring all of them towards facility to precisely evaluate your horse’s weight and to find out how a lot of their item you want. In the event that you operate a relatively huge boarding center or have mares and foals whose weights you’d prefer to keep track of (because development of foals ought to be administered closely), a scale is a wise financial investment. An equine scale can be purchased for about $3, 000.

Due to the importance of some sort of weight estimation in horses (for deciding the amount of feed, de-wormer medication, etc.), several research groups have identified equations to calculate body weight making use of human body dimensions eg heart girth and body size.

System length is assessed from point of neck to the point regarding the buttock. Heart girth is taken round the midsection, behind the elbow, and beyond the best the main withers.

Fat (kg) = [(heart girth) x (heart girth) x (human body length)] / 11, 990

in which heart girth and body size are calculated in centimeters

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