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Questionnaire About healthy eating

The Healthy Eating Index-2010 (HEI-2010) is the newest version of this HEI. The HEI is a measure of diet high quality, separate of volume which can be used to assess compliance using U.S. Dietary Guidelines for People in america and monitor changes in diet habits. The HEI also is an invaluable tool for epidemiologic and economic analysis and certainly will be employed to evaluate nourishment interventions and customer diet training programs.

The HEI isn't a list or any other variety of nutritional evaluation instrument. Those tools are employed whenever gathering information as to what individuals eat. Instead, the HEI is a scoring metric that can be used to look for the top-notch confirmed diet pattern, group of foods, or menu.

All the key Dietary tips food option suggestions that relate to diet quality tend to be shown in HEI-2010's 12 elements. Nine associated with the components give attention to adequacy (dietary elements to improve) and three give attention to moderation (nutritional elements to reduce).

An HEI-2010 rating per participant may be computed making use of DHQ II Diet*Calc result using the SAS system provided below.

Note: The Diet*Calc database ended up being updated in January 2015 to give the required factors for HEI-2010 rating. Any information explain to you Diet*Calc before this time should be rerun for the intended purpose of calculating HEI-2010 results.

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