Facts About healthy eating habits


Diet myths & realities

Whether at the supermarket, at a restaurant, or packing a lunch for the people- daily, we are confronted with countless information and lots of alternatives.

March is National Nutrition Month, a good time to look at everything we truly know about diet plus the choices we are making when it comes to meals. It is important we understand the reality as to what we are consuming to ensure we can make the most informed food alternatives and discover ways to develop healthier eating routine.

Signed up dietitians at PinnacleHealth have provided some traditional urban myths and facts about food. Maybe you have heard some fables about food which you'd like an expert to "debunk?" We invite that keep a comment at the end of this page.

Select slimmer cuts of meat and pork.

Myth: Red animal meat is bad for health.

Fact: Red meat is certainly not bad once you choose leaner cuts of beef (top round, flank or sirloin) and chicken (tenderloin or center slice) and consume a healthy portion (3-4 ounces).

Poultry can contain more saturated fat than hard working liver according to planning methods or if epidermis is not removed.

Myth: Whole wheat/whole grain breads, cereals, pastas, etc. are reduced calories.

Fact: Many whole wheat grain items are equal in calories with their even more processed companion (ie white bread, white pasta, etc). But the complete wheat/whole grain meals provides more fiber and vitamins making it a healthier choice.

  • Mary Ellen Richards, RD, CDE, PinnacleHealth

red-meat-butcher.jpgTry eating 3 meals every day and include tiny treats between dishes.

Myth: bypassing meals shall help you drop some weight.

Reality: When you miss dinner, your body’s metabolism has a tendency to decrease to pay for not enough energy (food). Figures with slowly metabolisms require a lot fewer calories. In addition, those that miss dishes tend to overcompensate and eat noticeably more in the next dinner that might lead to even more calories becoming eaten.

For much better appetite control, take to consuming three dishes every day and can include small (100 calorie) treats between dishes.

Myth: all the salt in our diets comes from additional sodium.

Reality: Actually just about 6per cent for the salt within food diets arises from extra salt. The biggest source of salt arises from processed packaged food and restaurant foods.

  • Deb Gochenour, MEd, RD, LDN, CDE
    PinnacleHealth Outpatient Medical Nutrition Management

skipping-meal.jpgDon’t forget to produce special needs and get concerns.

Myth: If I’m dieting, I have to prevent consuming in restaurants.

Fact: Restaurants frequently offer meals greater in salt than we might consume home, and restaurant dishes tend to be greater in fat and general calories. Eating dinner out may be challenging whenever you’re attempting to slim down. But don’t allow it stop you against trying. Don’t forget to create special demands and get questions. Request a salad without mozzarella cheese, and dressing on the side. If an entrée contains bacon, maybe ask to carry the bacon. Inquire on how a food is prepared. If a fish is breaded or fried, request that it be grilled.

The great thing about restaurants is the fact that they try to give us tasty food that we enjoy, as well as can prepare grilled or broiled entrées that are just like enjoyable due to the fact higher fat alternatives.

Myth: High-carbohydrate foods are high in fat and calories.

Fact: Carbohydrate and fat tend to be both considered macronutrients, all of which gives calories inside diet. The carbs in a food have absolutely nothing regarding unwanted fat in a food. Actually, one gram of carb in a food provides 4 calories, whereas one gram of fat provides 9 calories.

To be able to keep a healthy and balanced fat, it's main to eat the actual quantity of calories that the human body burns off in one day. So, high-fat meals will give you even more calories that your human anatomy must burn off, when compared with foods that are high in carbohydrate. Track general calories to keep up a healthy and balanced fat.

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