The 20 Cereals That Are

Most healthy cereal for weight loss

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General Mills Kix

Kid-tested, nutritionist-approved, this childhood fave is certainly one low-sugar kids’ cereal we could in fact get at the rear of. Provide a grown-up spin by the addition of blueberries towards crispy corn puff-filled dish. Not merely is the duo delicious, the fruit lends some disease-fighting antioxidants and additional dietary fiber. It’s a win-win!

Kashi GoLean Crunch!

Kashi GoLean Crunch!, 1 glass




4 g

Saturated Fat

0 g


50 g


10 g


17 g


12 g

Ten grams of heart-healthy, belly-filling dietary fiber goes a considerable ways toward creating for the higher-than-ideal sugar content of those hearty clusters. This cereal not only tastes tasty with milk, and tends to make a sweet, crunchy inclusion to plain Greek yogurt.

Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice

Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice, 1 glass


25 g

1 g

2 g

Sure they may get "snap, crackle, pop" but these 100 percent whole-grain, gluten-free puffs tend to be a far more wholesome choice compared to brand name you’re likely thinking of. This low-sugar cereal holds a slightly nutty taste and sets well with both strawberries and raspberries. These fruits offer the hunger-busting fiber this otherwise nourishing cereal does not have, making sure you’ll stay satiated until lunch.

Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries

Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries, 1 glass

27 g

3 g

9 g

Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries

This cereal hires wheat bran to up its fibre count and freeze-dried strawberries for some normal sweetness. Whilst flakes obviously pair really with milk and spoon, in addition they alllow for an iron- and vitamin C-rich base for a sweet and salty path blend. Just include pretzel sticks, almonds and walnuts.

Shredded Wheat Spoon Size Wheat ’n Bran

Article Shredded Wheat Spoon Size Wheat ’n Bran, 1 glass


38.4 g

7 g

4.8 g

This cereal is made with simply whole-grain grain and wheat bran—a pure base sobbing down for fresh blueberries or bananas. Besides providing up a good share of hunger-quelling necessary protein and dietary fiber in most bowl, Wheat ’n Bran in addition provides 20 per cent of this day’s phosphorus, a mineral that plays an important role in how the body makes use of carbohydrates and fats. It also helps the human body make protein. Don’t forget: The more necessary protein you’ve got, the greater amount of calories you burn at rest, so this is a good additional bonus to your early morning cereal bowl!

Erewhon Raisin Bran

Erewhon Raisin Bran, 1 cup


40 g

6 g

8 g

Post and Total types of Raisin Bran carry between 17 and 19 grams associated with sweet material. Erewhon Raisin Bran features fewer than half that quantity, making it the clear champion within the group. The only real disadvantage is these flakes aren’t fortified with similar alphabet of vitamins typically within cereal boxes—but that’s no reason at all to pass through them up. Be sure that you make up if you take in numerous nutrients each day.

Kashi GOLEAN Vanilla Graham Groups

Kashi® GOLEAN® Vanilla Graham Clusters, 1 cup


1.5 g

36 g

11 g

Cereals full of fiber and whole grains reduce the chance of condition and early death, state Harvard class of Public Health researchers. Happy available, these clusters are built with fiber-rich wholegrains like brown rice, triticale, barley, rye, buckwheat and bran—oh, and they have a slightly nice vanilla flavor and crunchy texture you’re certain to love, too.

General Mills Cinnamon Burst Cheerios

General Mills Cinnamon Burst Cheerios, 1 glass


This cereal employs all cholesterol-busting energy of oat bran and adds simply a little sweetness to increase the taste. What’s more, a cup of the a.m. treat provides 50 percent regarding the time's folic acid, a nutrient that might help defend against raised blood pressure. Note: Although Cinnamon Burst Cheerios (and also the Wheaties talked about below) currently have BHT, a preservative prohibited in other parts of the world since it’s considered carcinogenic, General Mills is in the means of removing it from their grains, and that's why it continues to have somewhere on our listing.

Quaker Lower sugar-maple & Brown Sugar

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Lower Sugar Maple & Brown Sugar, 1 packet

24 g

Quaker Lower Sugar-maple & Brown Glucose

Although we typically recommend slow-cooking oats, we all know that sometimes mornings may be hectic at the best. If you find yourself in a period crunch or would like to hold a healthy treat stashed inside table drawer, we advice this low-sugar variety by Quaker. It offers a 3rd associated with the sugar regarding the initial variety, but the same great style. Promise.

General Mills Wheaties

General Mills Wheaties, 1 cup


29 g

5 g

2.7 g

Low in calories and sugar, full of gut-filling fiber and laden with 45 per cent for the day’s muscle-building metal, Wheaties is really the breakfast of champions. Though it is not particularly flavorful, it does make a great base for nourishing add-ins like fruits and nuts.

General Mills Fiber One

General Mills Fiber One, 1 glass

28 g

If you familiar with prevent this super fiber-filled cereal due to its inclusion of aspartame, we’ve got some good news! General Mills recently provided the questionable ingredient the axe. So go on and sprinkle this cereal over Greek yogurt in place of granola for a fiber- and protein-filled start to the day.

Place your self back control
of the weight, your quality of life, along with your life!

Strip included sugars from your own diet and melt fat from your own stomach.

Quaker All-natural Granola Oats, Honey, Raisins & Almonds

(102 g, 1 cup)
420 calories, 10 g fat (1 g saturated), 26 g sugars
Granola must-have a heck of a PR man. In the end, someone managed to convince a whole country of eaters that clumps of oats and raisins glued and sugar is for some reason healthy. 5 years as America’s Worst Cereal, we hope, cuts through spin. One cup has got the calorie same in principle as 3 portions of Cookie Crisp cereal!

Kellogg’s Honey Smacks

(1 glass)
133 calories, 0.5 g fat (0 g saturated), 1 g fibre, 20 g sugars
This is being among the most sugar-loaded bins in cereal aisle.

Post Cocoa Pebbles

(1 glass)
160 calories, 1 g fat (1 g saturated), 0 g dietary fiber, 15 g sugars
Not merely lacking fibre, but additionally wet with hydrogenated natural oils.

General Mills Golden Grahams

(1 cup)
160 calories, 1 g fat (0 g saturated), 1 g dietary fiber, 15 g sugars

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