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Healthy eating New York

You have the power to make your health better. Read our Guide to healthier Eating and Active residing NYC (PDF) [Español: Guía con el fin de una alimentación saludable y una vida activa en la ciudad de Nueva York (PDF)].

Small Changes, Better Health

Mom and dauther duo, Kim and Pura, made several quick modifications to raised their health. Watch the way they change to healthy diet plan.

Healthier Eating Guidelines

Eating healthy is essential once and for all health. Below are a few methods for eating well and keeping an excellent weight:

  • Take in very low-calorie beverages, like water and sugarless tea, or beverages being nourishing, like fat-free or low-fat milk. Prevent sugary beverages.
  • View your portions. When eating at home, serve food on specific dishes, in place of placing offering dishes available. Fill half your dish with veggies. When eating out, share a principal course with a buddy and take half home.
  • Maintain recommended calorie amounts for your age, sex, fat and exercise level. Learn more about recommended daily calories instructions.
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Loading stuff like apples, bananas, celery, and carrot sticks whenever you are while on the move is an easy method to add heart-healthy vegetables and fruits to your time.
  • Eat wholegrains, like brown rice, whole-wheat bread and whole-grain spaghetti. Limit processed grains, like white rice and white bread.
  • Choose fish, chicken, hard working liver, beans, eggs, nuts, and low-fat or fat-free milk and dairy food. Limit purple beef, and prevent bacon, cool cuts, also prepared meat.
  • Use healthier fats, such as for example canola and olive natural oils. Avoid unhealthy fats, such as lard, butter and trans fat-containing meals.

Being obese or overweight can put you at increased risk for many conditions, including heart problems and diabetes. Learn about medical division's healthy eating projects for New Yorkers.

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